Simple Steps To Change Hotmail Passwords

With the advancement in technology, there is a dire need for people to change the way they are doing things. This is seen even in the communication sector where email has made it easy for the exchange of written information electronically. This has created a need for having an email address and many people would rather use Hotmail for their mails. This needs that if you are using Hotmail you must ensure that you constantly change your password to make it tamper proof and inaccessible to unauthorized third party.


This means you have to learn how to change the Hotmail password. Change of password is easy; you first have to be able to get access to the webpage where you will be able to get access to your Hotmail account by typing the URL i.e. where you will be directed to the specified webpage then sign in.


This will automatically direct you to the Windows Live page which is the main homepage. Just look at the top right edge of the page you will see your name written in that position. Just click on it and a pop out menu is going to pop out and appear on the screen where you will be requested to select account if you want to change your password.


On your account page, you will get the options of resetting the password i.e. password reset information “account information” to make any modification to your Hotmail account and other options. Go and click “change’ link on that page which is under the account information and from there, you can easily change the password.


You will first fill the old password then type the new password twice on the spaces provided, the new password must be a mixture of letters and numbers or even symbols which is at least six characters long to ensure that it is secure.


To prevent easy access of your account by being able to determine what your password is, you will be requested to consider the strength of the password. The strength of the password will be indicated on the screen if it’s either weak or strong. One thing you should put into consideration is that every password is case sensitive so when selecting the password you should be aware of the password is in caps or in small letters.


You can decide to be changing your password after every 72 days, you are going to select an option that will be able to render the password inactive after 72 days so that you can be able to change the password.


If you are through with the process and want to save the changes that you have been able to make on your password, it is important that you click “save” so that you can easily save the changes made on your password.


Users can also get the help of best Password recovery software. Such type of software also acts as a good password manager used to keep your passwords safe and secure. Now there is no need to fear about changing the password you can do it comfortably with no hassle.

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