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Self-service Provision

Here in the software you get a self-service provision by following the steps listed as under. Following these easy steps you can recover all the secret codes hidden behind those asterisks.

Time Retention-ware

Time is important to all and saving time is like saving money. This software brings you with the benefit of saving time as it follows all the Linear and Logical steps to find a way to your hassle.

Recovery Rate

We have established the Password Armor with a high recovery and resolution rate which comes out to be approximately 85% in recovering your credentials with a quick proprietary scan.

OS Compatible

Password Armor works with all the Operating Systems be it Windows- XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista; Apple-Macintosh or any other real time Operating System.

Safe and convenient

The best benefit that gives you a peace of mind is the security derived in this software. All your credentials are encrypted end to end with you and your device only.

Password Restoration

Password Armor let you recover your password even if it was deleted from the system, because it store your password over the cloud in a encrypted Form.


It comes with a promise to you and your computer that it will find and recover all your credentials in seconds, within a quick span of time and would give you a peace of mind.

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  • Social  Social media password recovery (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Happen etc.)
  • Social  Email account password recovery (Gmail, yahoo, outlook, Hotmail etc.)
  • Social  Windows Password recovery ( and other saved credentials from your computer)
  • Social  Cloud Password Recovery (iCloud, Dropbox, One drive etc.)



Identity theft is a situation when your personal or confidential information from your computer or your browser is being used by someone with bad intentions to impersonate or infringe your details. Your data gets saved in your computer or browser when you yourself save it to achieve time saving benefit. But, sometimes this achievement drags a knock at your doorstep due to impersonation of these information for bad intentions.

Hence, password armor comes with a mirror image to your passwords whereby you can save all your credentials of your social media, email accounts and other passwords. It is secured and smart enough to save itself from impersonation and expect you, nobody can drag information to misuse.

So, now you are smart because you are using Password Armor and not them who is trying to impersonate your details.

If you are an avid Internet user, there are chances you have lots of logins and passwords. Couple for e-mails, few more for online shops, one or two for a newspaper or a magazine subscription, bank accounts and so forth. Plus, there are web forms, shipping and billing addresses, credit card numbers and much, much more.
Forgot Any paaswords? Here Comes The "PasswordArmor".

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  • Unlimited Updates!
  • 24/7 Customer Support



1.How password Armor recover your password?

Answer- Password Armor is one of the most popular password recovery tools. Password Armor import saved passwords from your PC/Computer or browser and save it in a encrypted form (ASCII Encription) in the cloud. It's free, based on open source coding, cross platform, and very reliable. It offers an audit mode and a CSV export; presents real-time graphs and dumps and loads hashes from encrypted SAM.

2.I don’t know how to download the application?

Answer- It is as simple as downloading other application on your machine. Just visit our website Password Armor and click on the Download option. After it is done, Double click the downloaded application installer from your downloads folder and then click on all the favourable options you get on the screen.

3.Is it paid?

Answer- The free version of the application is available on our website. But to access the premium version of our application software, you need to go ahead and purchase the software.

4.Is it secure to purchase the software?

Answer- Yes, it enables with all the possible instances for the security in the payment method and different modes available. Now-a-days, online payment is considered to be secured enough method. Hence, no more fear, when we are there.

5.Can it also save my passwords?

Answer- A premium version of the software enables you with the feature of saving passwords for the future reference. Hence, forgotten password will not be a hassle again.

6.Can it save all the passwords?

Answer- Yes, the premium version of Password Armor is capable to save all the passwords of social media, windows administration, email accounts, cloud. So, remembering them will never be an issue.

7.I am admin of more than one email account. Will it save the password for more than one account of same or different email service provider?

Answer- Well, the answer is yes. It can save credentials of as many accounts as you want either be of same or different service provider.

8.The license key is invalid or I am not able to use the license key.

Answer- If you are having difficulties activating your product with the supplied serial number, please follow these steps: Highlight the serial number/registration key shown on your order confirmation email. Press Ctrl+C (to COPY), click in the registration field and then press Ctrl+V (to PASTE). This eliminates the possibility of mistaking letters for numbers in transcription. If you still face the same issue, feel free to contact our support through email or call us on

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